What's your Ultimatum?
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Our Mission

To empower our customers to take action and change the world.

Our Vision

Moving the world beyond social media to social action.

Our Values

  • Voice, It Isn’t About Us: We exist to amplify the voices of our customers, not our own voices.

  • Radical Transparency and Truth: Our decisions are transparent both inside and outside the company. We actively listen to feedback and use it to inform our decisions. We speak and listen to the truth, especially when it is hard and not what we want to say or hear.

  • Do (Only) Good: We will do more than “not be evil”; we will only have a positive impact on the world.

  • Team Member Happiness: We will always honor and respect our team members. They are not just a robot or cog in the wheel of a corporation. Team members are vital to our success and we must respect that their job is not their life.

  • Embrace Differences: We are a tribe of geeks, freaks, and misfits. We respect each other and have empathy for all team members regardless of their race, religion, politics, sexual orientation, or gender.

  • Disagree And Commit: Disagreement yields better solutions. But sometimes you have to state your case, disagree with a decision, and execute on the plan.

  • Innovate and Take Risks: We are fearless and constantly working to improve our product, impact, and company. We will not punish mistakes but seem them as opportunities to learn and improve. We take calculated risks to innovate rapidly and respond quickly.

  • Ownership: We are all working hard to change the world. No task is beneath us as we are all 100% focused on doing what is required to excel as a company.

  • Non-Profits Are Customers Too: Non-profits are our partners and we are here to help them fulfill their missions.


Our Team

Meet and connect with our team!

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Matthew McCabe, CEO

Matt is an entrepreneur with a background in software development, technical program management, and cognitive psychology.

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Steve Regester, CTO

Steve brings over a decade of experience in software engineering with a background in enterprise software, startups, and information security.

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Annie Jalota, CMO

Annie is a marketer experienced in using CRM systems. She works with teams to create and launch impactful campaigns for growth, retention, and conversion.

Annie’s LinkedIn Profile

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Wesley Faulkner, Advisor

Wesley is a Marketing Manager with expertise developing and deploying marketing plans and innovative campaigns.

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Ram Matta, Advisor

Ram was an Executive in Residence at St. Edward's University, General Manager at GE, and has mentored a number of startups.

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Anna Marie Clifton, Advisor

Anna Marie is a Product Manager at Coinbase and co-host of the Clearly Product podcast.

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Kevin McSpadden, Advisor

Kevin has spent 30 years practicing strategy and crafting a company’s purpose. He is the CEO of ThinkBrandNew and perviously the Director of Marketing and Brand Strategy at Facebook.

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Leo Ramirez, Jr, Advisor

Leo’s career has spanned executive management, business development, and nonprofit management.

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Matt Kirmayer, Legal Counsel

Matt is a Partner at Perkins Coie, LLP, and represents emerging growth companies in software, artificial intelligence, and nanotechnology.

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