#HoldingHope: Support Trans People In Need


We are excited to announce a new campaign called Holding Hope in partnership with Point of Pride and Yoobe to empower the transgender community to live more authentically. Since being founded in 2016, Point of Pride has donated over 4,000 chest binders and awarded over $100,000 in financial aid to transgender people in 50+ countries worldwide. Millions of transgender people around the world struggle with gender dysphoria, and make an effort to change their bodies match their gender identity. While getting treatment can be expensive, nonprofit organizations like Point of Pride support trans folks so they don’t have to struggle alone through their transition.

Our goal is to help Point of Pride raise at least $1,500 by March 31st. To kick things off, Ultimatum and Yoobe will match the first $200 in donations!

Here’s how you can get involved:

  1. Raise awareness for the campaign on social media with hashtag #HoldingHope. Each post on Twitter with the hashtag will activate donations from donors.

  2. Make a pledge on Ultimatum by visiting the Holding Hope campaign page - all donors increase the positive impact of every tweet.

  3. Contribute a design to the Holding Hope shop on Yoobe.

  4. Purchase limited-edition Holding Hope merchandise on Yoobe - 100% of proceeds from each sale will be donated to Point of Pride.

Point of Pride co-founder Aydian Dowling first identified as transgender in 2009, and documented his journey from becoming female to male on his YouTube channel A Lion’s Fear. He spent years saving and fundraising for his chest surgery, which he finally had in 2012. His own journey is what inspired him to create a community to support other transgender people who might be feeling lost and alone. During his transition, Aydian created Point 5cc, an apparel company which creates clothes and accessories for the transgender people while also supporting programs and services that benefit the transgender community. He later co-founded nonprofit Point of Pride to take over these donation programs and focus on fundraising efforts.

Yoobe founder Genau Lopes explains why he and his team are excited to support Point of Pride: "We noticed that many people who were using Yoobe struggle with gender dysphoria and were looking for ways to fundraise for themselves so that they can afford gender-affirming treatments. We wanted to find a way to help LGBTQ+ folks in our community, and that’s how we discovered Point of Pride. They have several impactful programs to support people in various stages of transition, and we hope that this special joint campaign with Point of Pride and Ultimatum will help raise awareness for these programs, and to show our support for the transgender and LGBTQ+ community all around the globe."

To learn more about the campaign and make a donation, visit the Ultimatum Holding Hope campaign page.

Check out the latest Tweets for the #HoldingHope campaign

Matthew McCabe