Collision Conference Updates + First Big Donation!

We are back from Collision Conference which took place in New Orleans at the beginning of May. It was great to return to the conference again this year as a Beta startup - we continue to be energized by all the feedback and enthusiasm for Ultimatum

Ultimatum Team Collision 2018.JPG.jpg

$200 Donated to Habitat for Humanity New Orleans

During Collision Conference, we ran a special campaign to give back to the local community. With their pledges, Ultimatum beta customers supported Habitat for Humanity New Orleans with about $200 in donations triggered by over 1,200 actions. Thank you to everyone who participated in this campaign!

Ultimatum Collision 2018 Campaign.png

Interviews and More

We had several interviews this year with Nibletz Media, PLuGHiTz Live (jump to the 4 hour 39 minute mark), and MSNBC. Stay tuned for the MSNBC video – we’ll share it once it’s available!

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